Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm Weather Ramblings

I can not say how much I enjoy warm weather. I have been successful in cutting down my girl's TV time this week because I can send them outside. Additionally, with our mostly fenced in backyard, they can be out there without me as long as I have the sliding door open. I have been so much more productive this week because of it. YEAH!!!

The other great thing about the weather warming up is that I am getting to meet my neighbors. We moved into our home this past October and while we had some warm days at the end of fall everyone for the most part had their routines and I met very few people. In the past week I have met nearly all of our neighbors and have been caught up on the local gossip (turns out the couple next door are the town busybodies so I will always be in the know whether I like it or not). So not only have I cut down on TV and met people, I am starting to finally feel like Nebraska is home. Thank goodness since this is where we plan to live for the next 20+ years.


  1. I am jealous of a fenced in backyard and being able to let the kiddos play! We live too close to a major roadway, and being outside causes me panic. Looking forward to a move towards the end of the year to a place where I can let my boys roam!

  2. We struggle with the TV issue also. The littlest one is not really that into it (wish he were, sometimes) but the older two are TV-aholics. Warm weather months are always great for us b/c then they can hit the street instead of the couch and there is WAY less fighting inside.