Monday, March 30, 2009


I am going to make a confession.

Since we moved, well slightly before, I have become completely obsessed with personal finance. I don't want to get rich, well I do but that is not the drive. I find the information out on the web and especially the blog-o-sphere about people saving money, reducing debt and in some cases completely changing the way they think to be interesting. I have become addicted to Budgets are Sexy, Escape Brooklyn, and Dog Ate My Finances. The worst part is that this is a closet addiction. My husband has no idea. He knows that the PF Blogs interest me and that I read them on occasion. He has no clue that I go to bed imagining how I can pay off our debt in 2 years once I get a job, or figuring out what interest we could earn if we could only find an investment that would pay out x% interest.

I am a geek, a nerd, insert any other high school derogatory name here. I know this but it is true. So when my blogs turn in topic I apologize but be fore-warned!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Job Search Continues

I am upfront about the fact that my career as a SAHM is not one of choice. I have been interviewing fairly frequently since Christmas but as my anniversary date looms in the near future I am starting to feel desperate.

I was laid off from my last position in April of 2008. It wasn't a surprise but I still struggled with it psychologically. I got over it, I lamented that the area of the country I lived in had no open positions in my field. My husband then found a new job (that he absolutely loves) and we moved. 4 months of job search out the window.

The new part of the country we live in is fantastic. There is industry, there are legitimate suburbs, there is growth! Two months of my job search were pretty futile due to my moving (no local address, time spent planning the move, getting to know the new area...) then came the holidays. Being in HR I know that next to nothing happens in the hiring world between Thanksgiving and New Years, scratch 2 more months off my job search.

So looking back I know I am truly only 3-4 months into my current job search. In these economic times we are told that you should expect to take 6+. So I am still within the norm but that doesn't help. Financially we are fine but I still worry. Now that we are up to a year will my resume get dismissed with out a true review (honestly this all depends on the idiosyncrasies of the hiring manager)? Should I find temp/PT work? What about daycare expenses if I do that, I would actually be going in the hole to work.

I love my career of HR but is it time for me to look for alternative careers? What would I even do?