Monday, April 6, 2009

Personality Differences

As I watch my girls grow it is natural for me to compare them to each other. The differences in their personalities is truly astonishing. They already at these early ages are polar opposites of each other. It makes me really ponder the Psych 101 question of "nature vs. nurture". Where ONE is passive, TWO is confrontational. ONE is a picky eater while TWO will eat anything that doesn't bite her back (and even that is up for debate). ONE thrives on interaction and people around her while TWO loves being alone and will happily sit in her crib for hours playing quietly by herself.

Now I am an oldest child. I have siblings 4, 5, and 9 years younger then me. While we have our differences none of us are opposites. All but one of us avoids conflict at all costs and none of us were picky eaters growing up (could be that we would have starved if we tried). So this startling difference at 20 months and 5 years seems startling. The funny thing about it , is that my husband and I see our personalities mirrored in the girls. ONE is clearly my mini-me, a self-conscience people pleaser thru and thru. TWO is my husband with her mischievous smile and devil may care attitude (I will have my hands full with her).

As I watch them grow I try not to project these personalities or expectations on them. Who knows, these traits may turn a complete 180 degrees by the time they reach adulthood. This is just something I find myself marveling at on a regular basis.

Do you see this in your children as well or am I just witnessing the developmental differences of their ages?


  1. My kids are polar opposites to the extreme. Some of it is due to the fact that they have completely different backgrounds (one bio/one adopted) BUT they are so far apart in personality it's almost crazy. It is a parenting challenge for sure!

  2. Mine are opposites as well. One is like me the other like her father! love you blog
    Im a MBC member under 100 follwers! :)