Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Much TV

The TV is always on at my house. I don't typically sit and watch TV but I do enjoy the background noise and when it is off I just seem to be out of sync. Because of my addiction, my children now have a healthy one as well. Now I don't keep children's television on all day (lord help me). They get about 1-2 hours of that in the morning while we are eating breakfast and getting ready for the day. Once TWO goes down for her morning nap, the channel gets switched to news or other adult programming (not that kind--get your mind out of the gutter). Unfortunately, they still get sucked into my background noise. I know it needs to get turned off but I can't seem to bring myself to break this habit. Is there a 12 step program I can join? How about a motivational DVD? Seriously, I am depending on the warmer weather to help me with this, but until it gets warm consistently I am on my own.

Any suggestions from other TV addicted parents?


  1. We're addicted too. But they do enjoy outside. During the day or TV is either on Nogin or PBS or soap operas. Real good, I know!

  2. TV is definitely a SAHM's BFF! It keeps you sane after all those chores! :)

  3. I am right there with you. TV is our addiction, but I find that when I do turn it off when DD is napping I am able to relax more. Try listening to the radio or reading a book during naptime, instead of tv.

    Following from MBC under 100.

  4. My wife needs the back ground noise also. We take care of a four year old grand daughter so the TV needs to be off.
    She uses the radio and my grand daughter likes it also. She sings along with some of the songs while playing with her doll house.

  5. Im in to same tv is always on....even when were all in bed....eeek