Saturday, May 30, 2009

I need advice

I need some advice.

I was cruising around Facebook this morning and saw a comment by a former acquaintance from college. Her comment was (names changed to protect the innocent) " So glad that Jill and Tom's baby is going to be ok". Well Jill was a really close friend of mine in college. We lost touch after graduation when I got married and moved to a different state. We reconnected a few years later for her wedding but then lost touch again. I didn't even know she was pregnant/had a baby...

I want to reconnect, make sure everything is ok and catch up. I am not sure how to do it or if I even should. She is apparently going through some stress right now and I don't want to add to it or come across as a bottom feeder.

Any suggestions? She isn't on Facebook so I would have to try the cell number I have for her or email.


  1. I would try email first and see if she responds. If not, then try the cell number. I'm sure that she would appreciate a supportive phone call from an old friend.

  2. I would definitely send an e-mail. You might just let her know that you saw someone post about it online and you were concerned. I don't think she'll take offense and I'm sure she'd love to know you were thinking of her.

  3. I would try email as well. I think she would be glad to hear from you and get support in her hard times.

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  4. I did this recently and it was received well, it was a friend who had a baby and she had "overwhelmed" in her facebook status. We had just friended each other on facebook after no contact for 8 years. Postpartum and her are like the opposite of each other, but just in case I sent her this.

    I recently went through a pregnancy. I was incredible overwhelmed and exhausted. If you ever need someone for any support you can call me. I left my number.

    Turns out she was overwhelmed by the support of her friends and family but she really appreciated that I was there if needed.