Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have been silenced!

No my silencing has nothing to do with my lack of recent posts.

I am talking about my allergies. I thought I had escaped this season with minimal discomfort from my allergies even though they are bringing hubby low with sinus pressure and headaches. I was sadly mistaken. I woke up yesterday with a mild scratchy throat. By last night I was ready to kill the person who let a cat use my throat as a scratching post.

Today, I woke up and I have been silenced. It is to painful to speak and when I do it is barely understandable. This should make for a very interesting day in SAHM land! Either the kids will take pity on me and be angels, or they will realize I can't yell so all hell will break loose. At least I don't feel awful, so I can still chase them all over.


  1. I feel for you, really. I've had a sinus headache for about three days.

    My sympathies.


  2. I know it's awfull. Got it all, sinusitis, hayfever, it's a never-ending story... sorry my friend.
    My family is so used to it, No sympathies at all

  3. Ugh...I totally feel for you. Allergies here too, and I even think my 5-month-old has them as well. We're all pretty miserable in my house! Hope you feel better soon. ;)

  4. you have my sympathy vote! the pollen is just awful around here. hopefully your kids will be "little angels" today, well it give you that much more to write about! lol. i'm following you from mbc, stop by and say "hi!"

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