Friday, May 29, 2009

I am back and I am RANDOM

So, this week has gone by in a blur... So much for Random Tuesday, this is Random Friday....

It is officially summer, ONE has practically moved into our backdoor neighbor's house. I am not complaining but I don't want to be thought of as a sponge or bad mother in the new neighborhood.

The local pool is ridiculously expensive--there go my summer plans with the girls. Worse yet, because our neighborhood is still under construction we haven't been annexed in to the town, so we would have to pay the "non-resident " rate.

By the way, I hate the construction. They are working on 6 houses across the street from me. All I hear all day is the sound of trucks backing up and hammers. I wish they would just finish them up all ready.

TWO, my fearless and independent child, has developed this weird fear of the water. She likes to play next to the wading pool in the back yard. She even dumps water on herself but screams like a yetti if you put her in. What is that about?

The job hunt continues. I am waiting to hear if I get an interview at my dream job. Great if I do, but then I have to worry about childcare as my babysitter found a summer job. How thoughtless is that :).

Randomness done for now I guess. I am happy to have my computer back. It is nice to have the use of the "s" key again. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. My week has been extremely crazy too! It's been the week of head injuries here for my kids :(

    That stinks about the price of the pool. Our local private park that we love (water park, train, zoo, etc) has upped their price to 6x what it was 5 years ago!

  2. I am having the very same issues with Baby Girl, You know, the one that wrecks golf carts!!! She is NOT scared of ANYTHING, but she FREAKED out today when we went swimming! Her lessons start on Tuesday. It has to be their age.