Friday, May 1, 2009

Gross Food--What do you eat?

Small Town Mommy has me thinking...It is dangerous to think but I am blaming her. She was just assigned a post on gross food by a blog group she is in. So what foods do the fam and I like that others would consider gross?

I grew up in Wisconsin. So I enjoy my cheese curds. I don't think many people would find this gross unless they actually know what cheese curds are (and the process in which they are made). I think they are even better deep fried. I don't get to enjoy these delicacies much anymore as the curds need to be so fresh (think buying them at the dairy) that they squeak when you bite into them. I am just not located for this freshness anymore and I don't trust the fast food variety that is available.

My husband likes "soft toast" I don't know if this is a real food or something made up by his father but when he was sick as a kid his dad would take a burnt piece of toast and soak it in warm milk, then they would eat it. Can we say ewwww!

ONE is a picky eater so nothing she eats is all that gross. The worst thing that I can think of is grapes dipped in ranch dressing (don't ask). TWO is at the stage where she will eat anything that doesn't bite her back so everything that she eats could be classified as gross.

Other than that, I can't think of anything we eat that others would think was gross but it is all in the eye of the beholder. What do you eat that others may think is gross?


  1. Thank you for linking to me! I love fried cheese curds. I am from the east coast, but have family in Minnesota and was able to try them at the Minnesota state fair. The toast definitely sounds ickkkk! Sorry, but I can't stand mushy bread. My kids wont eat anything gross, although they both like mussels. Thank you for participating!

  2. American cheese on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- it's awesome! My mom got me hooked when I was a kid, and I can't stop eating it even now. :)

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  4. I like squeaky cheese curds too! They're the best when they squeak.

  5. Braunsweiger (sp). I'm German and I love it! My dad makes the best homemade braunsweiger, too. My two year old will dip anything and everything in Ranch dressing - fruit, animal cookies, pretty much anything. My husband likes pig's feet and nasty stuff like that.

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  7. we had some cheese curds at a festival one time down here.. they were FABULOUS!!

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  9. I eat tuna salad with fritos, is that gross? Oh well I also like them dipped in cottage cheese...

  10. I eat salted fish early in the morning paired with fried rice and egg, that's yummy breakfast for me.Btw, it's a typical breakfast for Filipinos. Most of the German people I talked about it,they said it's ewww!=)

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  12. Thanks everyone, None of these things sound that gross. I like Braunschwieger(sp?)too, Fritos can go on anything in my opinion. I don't dig the salted fish, but I don't eat anything that can breathe underwater.