Monday, January 26, 2009

Kid Food

I am making a confession here. I cannot cook. I am not a complete failure I just struggle making anything that is for a meal. I have no problems baking. I can bang out the brownies, cookies, pies even cakes (although they taste better than they look) I just can not cook.

This being the understood fact makes my husband's busy season all the more intolerable. When my husband is in season he leaves the house 7:30 AM and often doesn't get home until 10:00pm or later. If I eat anymore mac&cheese, hot dogs or chicken nuggets I may scream. Now often I do make the kids their food and then I nuke a frozen meal for myself but that gets old too. Add to all of this my kids don't eat large quantities so when I do attempt to cook (casseroles, tacos, stuff from a box...) I end up with enough leftovers to kill a cow, and oh yeah, I am the only one in the house that eats leftovers... I also worry that I am creating bad habits for the girls. They are getting use to nothing but "kid food", I worry that when it comes time to reintroduce family dinners they won't have anything to do with it and be picky eaters (which they are not, yet).

Does anyone (assuming anyone is out there) have a solution because I am going nuts.

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  1. haha, you're too funny. "mac&cheese, hot dogs or chicken nuggets" i love those! and don't think i could ever get tired of 'em...but i'm a guy so i'm sure it's different ;)

    you should try putting mustard on the mac&cheese - maybe that will liven it up? haha...or try peanut butter & syrup sandwhiches instead of jelly!

    unfortunately i don't have any solutions for ya (esp sine my wife does all the cooking) but i wish you luck!