Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am not sure if this post is meant to vent or inform. For those of you who are not SAHPs do you realize how much scheduling goes into a day? I mean everything needs to be scheduled. Now those of you who have not experienced staying at home with young children may think that this is ridiculous. I mean, there is no boss setting schedules. There are no deadlines or meetings so why would I have anything to schedule right? Wrong.

My biggest pet peeve is having to schedule the insignificant things, such as my daily shower. I am one of those people who have to shower every day and it needs to be in the morning. I need this just to wake up, think of it as my morning coffee. In order for me to take a shower, I need to schedule it for one of two times. One, before my husband leaves for work (not really an option most days) or two for about 10am when my 18month old is taking a morning nap. Those are my only options for my 5 minutes to myself.

The other thing that needs to be scheduled is any errands that need to be done. While this is fairly common I am limited to a 2-3 hour block from 11:30-2:30 (between nap times). This is something that is a bit more flexible as the kids will sleep in the car but still I pay the price if naps don't happen.

I know these things are fairly common but it is still frustrating. Especially when my non SHAM friends whine that I have it so easy that I have the whole day to do whatever I want. URGH!!! I would love for them to just see one day. While it is not as structured as a day in the office, my little bosses still dictate my actions down to the most personal of personal time. I don't remember any of my bosses ever telling me when I could use the bathroom or opening the door when I was in there just to make sure I was still there :) Do you?


  1. haha, oh man that is def. the truth! i don't have any young ones myself as yet, but i can only imagine ;) interesting post!

  2. Thanks. I know you don't understand but trust me, someday you will:)